Why I Love North Simcoe

We love North Simcoe - as part of our big contest to win tickets to Wayhome Festival 2016 we asked you to tell us why you love your home here!

Mike submitted this great photo

Mike Vipond

Kelsey wrote to us:

The feeling that I used to have as a child pulling up to the cottage was that of instant gratification. Now, 10 years later, I call this once far away place my home. I sit here, upon the rocks that overlook the beautiful landscape. My body is relaxed and all my stress is relieved. The place I am lucky to call home is nestled in forest just minutes away from the lake. My home is truly a place of everyday serenity. The healing properties that infused my body when I walk along the sandy riverbanks allow me to feel revitalized, healthy and happy. The therapeutic benefit of living in North Simcoe is felt through the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional facets of my life.

Dana says: "Because where else is it this beautiful all year round? Emoji"

Dana Potashner - beautiful all year round!

Jade said: I love north simcoe for the homey coffee shops!!

Jade Kaufman loves coffee in North Simcoe :)

Cody says “my answer is GORGEOUS SUNSETS!!!”

Cody Kaufman - GORGEOUS SUNSETS!!!

Jen submitted this photo:

Perfect start to the day

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